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About the artist​

Faye Anzai
Artist/graphic designer.
To make something. Just something is my goal. 
For a long time, I've tried to figure out what was the "right" thing for me to do with my life. I pursued a Degree in Graphic Design because it seemed like the more practical direction to head rather than a general Arts degree. After graduation though I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the same time, the Corona Virus had become a pandemic.
So I was left to my own devices at home. After brain surgery and chemo and radiation I've become dependent on others for transportation, and as such unable to pursue a job.
So I've been given free time to stay at home and really work on what I want to do.
Most of my time is spent on videogames which you can see on
my youtube channel.
But the rest of my time is focused on the stories that float through my head as well as the art I make.
I don't know how long I have to live. Not to sound grim, but brain cancer isn't exactly friendly. So in the time, I'm living I want to just do as much as I can. Learn random things. 
Just do things. I don't think I will be famous or popular. I won't be remembered for decades to come.
That's fine. I just want to do things.
Fettered Fox Musical Playlist
The general vibe I'm trying to go artistically portrayed in music.
TheMuseLuci Musical Playlist 
Music that resonates with my soul in some way or another. Warning: If you suffer from anxiety or depression it may not be healthy to listen to. But I am just inherently a sad person.  Not a depressed person. I just enjoy the aspects of sorrow in the realm of human emotion. Melancholy if you will. Sometimes it's good to feel sad. There are days when you can't feel anything at all, and that's worse than feeling sad. The type of emptiness that makes you miss the sorrow. This playlist is for those days of emptiness to help you reconnect with yourself. To be okay with sorrow.
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