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Death, Boobs and Poop

Here's a small thought/rant I had.

1. Death isn’t something to feel uncomfortable about, It’s natural.

2. boobs are boobs. get over it. they make milk. they are squishy and fun to squish. but they are meant for babies mainly so let people breastfeed in public.

looking at these two I’d like to theorize that people in the past were much more spiritually comfortable with being human.

Because before crematoriums and funerals became commercialized it was something you faced. Your grandma dies, you make the coffin, you dig the grave, and you set up the funeral arrangements. You faced that with all your family members and maybe even your close friends. You were confronted with death constantly. Nowadays you see the body while it's freshly dead and you hand it off to someone else to deal with it. You don’t have that dead body sitting near your house.

and with boobs. people were very much more comfortable with boobs. Boobs were important for feeding babies because they were the only thing to feed babies. If your tits didn’t make milk you had to find another woman whose tits made milk just so your baby doesn’t die. and thus baby formula is a fantastic invention. It has saved the lives of countless babies and relieved the mothers of feeling inadequate when their boobs didn’t work and also made everything easier for them.

But perhaps these scientific and commercial advancements to better our lives have made us somehow numb to what makes us inherently human.

Death. the thing that will happen to all of us.

and boobs. the thing we shouldn’t be ashamed to show as it is our very livelihood.

P.S I also think we forget about peeing and pooping too. that's a part of being human, but we don’t like to think about it like that. we do it in private and dislike talking about it. seeing it, or smelling it.

There was a time before we used toilets. Outhouses. chamberpots. etc. even those are technically clean but by today’s standards disgusting.

I feel like people want to hide the things that the human body does naturally.

And I’m not saying we should all go eat Paleo and go shit outside with our tits flopping about. Nah. I just think we shouldn’t be ashamed of those things.

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